Is SearchLock Safe? Get High Browsing Security with SearchLock

Is SearchLock Safe? Learn the truth behind it

There are few blogs raising the question- Is SearchLock Safe & surprisingly they rank high. That’s surprising because the extension has 181,106 users (of Google chrome alone) as of now and the product owners receive frequent notes of appreciation & positive feedbacks from them. This proves the usefulness of this add-on and certifies its credibility among online searchers.

Is SearchLock Safe

Few blogs seem to be quite interested in maligning SearchLock with false claims. But the reality is that It is the safest and most secure add-on to keep your online search private. Why we call it safe & stress-free will be clear to you after reading the following points:

1. SearchLock does not come with any freeware

2. It is not spyware, malware. In fact it’s not even an EXE.

3. It does not keep any secret watch on your surfing activities.

4. Search Lock does not trouble you with unwanted popups.

5. It does not scan or store your identity.

6. It does not cause any virus to your system.

7. It gets easily uninstalled too; you do not require any tool or technical assistance to remove it.

If few negative posts about this add-on are making you think – ‘Is SearchLock Safe’ then find the truth yourself instead of trusting the any pro or anti comments. Go through more& see how the real users have rated it. Or else you can install it and check the performance yourself. Remember it’s quite simple to install & remove SearchLock, if you don’t like it.

Tell us if you have any other query related to safety of Search lock. We’ll answer your questions below in comments.


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