Where are SearchLock’s servers positioned? Are they secure?

SearchLock servers are located in multiple centers in United States. Servers are fully secured and no one has access to them. If someone got the access then Sh/he will not be able to view previous logs of any user. You can find more information related to SearchLock, internet privacy and security updates here:-

Is SearchLock Safe






SearchLock and it’s Installation Process

SearchLock is one of the best tool to enhance your web searches privacy. Know how it protects your web searches and install it in just one click.

How Searchlock Protects your Web Searches?

SearchLock extension is for Chrome and Firefox browsers who want to keep their web searches private. Everything you search online is anonymous & gets saved by search engines that you use for finding information. Therefore you cannot expect to be safe from hackers or any other interfering agents that are present online to fetch confidential information.

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To avoid any such privacy attack, you can add SearchLock to your browser and be warned before coming across an unsafe link. Here are few benefits of SearchLock extension that help users keep their searches safe & private:

SearchLock stops Unsafe Searches

Most of search engines track & save your search history that is easy to connect with your name & personal details like email id. SearchLock stands between such information tracking system & you to protect your personal data. It keeps close watch on your search queries & keywords and notifies immediately when you are about to click an unsafe link. It takes you to a search result page that’s more secured and privacy friendly.

It avoids Keystroke Logging

The search queries used by you are sent to search engine and help in providing search suggestions. So, the keystrokes you used while searching on popular search engines like Google & yahoo can connect to you. This can be prevented only if you are using SearchLock as the extension does not send your queries to search engine.

Separates Searches from Online accounts

The search queries are connected to Gmail, Outlook Webmail and other popular services offered by respective search engines. When you make a search while logged into any of your accounts your search queries get coupled with your account and can prove harmful for privacy. SearchLock kills this connection & makes your search safe.

SearchLock does not keep any user information

You do not even have to fear of SearchLock server logs as the extension does not retain any user data. The websites with server logging may not just use tracking tool but can also record visit details (date, time, IP address etc.). SearchLock is free of any such hazards as it has disabled server logging feature.

SearchLock is a safety measure for those who rely on web searches quite a lot. It assures safety from governmental intrusion or hackers who seek opportunities to get access to your mails, social profiles and other important data.

Initiating unsafe searches can harm your privacy and prove disastrous if fetched by someone. So, without delaying install SearchLock to your browser and enjoy safe and uninterrupted web search.

SearchLock – Privacy enhancement tool to keep your browser’s History Safe

Install SearchLock if you do not want anyone to know about your searches. Shield your web search with secure search apps like SearchLock, if you want to keep them private. SearchLock is an extension that tracks all potential threats to a search and redirects users to safer results page when they come across an unsafe link.


It neither saves nor sells user search data like many sites and add-ons. The main objective of this extension is to save searches from hackers, data sellers and other spiteful software/sites that try fetching information through user searches. Several web users are already using it. You can also add SearchLock to both Chrome & Firefox. Get it without any delay to make your searches private.

SearchLock — For High Browsing Security

Install SearchLock extension in your browser to increase security of searches. Visit website to enhance your searches’ privacy with SearchLock and keep your information safe from third party access.

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SearchLock extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Take advantage of this free add-on & protect your searches with SearchLock now.

Is SearchLock Safe? Get High Browsing Security with SearchLock

Is SearchLock Safe? Learn the truth behind it

There are few blogs raising the question- Is SearchLock Safe & surprisingly they rank high. That’s surprising because the extension has 181,106 users (of Google chrome alone) as of now and the product owners receive frequent notes of appreciation & positive feedbacks from them. This proves the usefulness of this add-on and certifies its credibility among online searchers.

Is SearchLock Safe

Few blogs seem to be quite interested in maligning SearchLock with false claims. But the reality is that It is the safest and most secure add-on to keep your online search private. Why we call it safe & stress-free will be clear to you after reading the following points:

1. SearchLock does not come with any freeware

2. It is not spyware, malware. In fact it’s not even an EXE.

3. It does not keep any secret watch on your surfing activities.

4. Search Lock does not trouble you with unwanted popups.

5. It does not scan or store your identity.

6. It does not cause any virus to your system.

7. It gets easily uninstalled too; you do not require any tool or technical assistance to remove it.

If few negative posts about this add-on are making you think – ‘Is SearchLock Safe’ then find the truth yourself instead of trusting the any pro or anti comments. Go through more& see how the real users have rated it. Or else you can install it and check the performance yourself. Remember it’s quite simple to install & remove SearchLock, if you don’t like it.

Tell us if you have any other query related to safety of Search lock. We’ll answer your questions below in comments.