Get SearchLock to Protect Your Search Privacy From Anonymous Users

Protect Your Privacy with Search Lock

You could be followed every time while browsing on web, because you aren’t anonymous. SearchLock is an extension that safeguards the private checking by discovering destructive alerts & ceases a person by capping risky search.



Exactly why you need SearchLock?

1. To prevent almost any breach of privacy due to web checking by govt.

2. To prevent almost any Private End users Lookup.

The information which you give while looking for something in search engines like Google gets stored automatically. A new shrewd hacker can easily access your information anytime and bring across unseen problems. Therefore, safety measures are the main issues when you are searching on internet.

With Search Lock, you get risk-free Google search that has absolutely no threat associated with violation of privacy & is better.

Is it Protected your Search Privacy?

Of course, it is truly 100% safe. No one can easily use your data, if you have protected it with SearchLock. The hosts don’t save history or IP address of users (unlike some other search engines- Google, Ask, yahoo and many others) and so assures of privacy.

Precisely how it keeps one’s search personal?

This SearchLock chrome extension spots unsafe search and notifies you about it to keep the search private. Having installed this, you will not have to compromise on quality as it preserves safety.If you get more information just visit here: